Traxxas Power Cell 2S 7.4v 7600mAh 25C LiPo Battery

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This is the Traxxas 2S, 7.4V, 7600mAh, 25C "Power Cell" Li-Poly Battery Pack with iD Traxxas Connector. This battery requires a Traxxas iD equipped LiPo charger to balance-charge!

All Traxxas iD Power Cell Battery Packs are optimized for free-flowing power and maximum punch with premium quality, low-resistance cells; flexible, silicone-jacketed 12-gauge wire; heavy-duty welded tabs; and patented Traxxas' high-output, gold plated, High-Current Connectors.

High-Current Connector 

Revolutionary concepts come in all shapes and sizes, and the patented Traxxas High-Current Connector defines the new standard for efficiency, ease of use, and high-current handling. On iD-equipped Traxxas LiPo batteries, the balance connectors are integrated into the Traxxas High-Current Connector eliminating fragile balance wires and connectors, along with the need for external balance boards.

Charging with a Traxxas iD Charger 

The Traxxas iD battery system is the easiest and safest way to charge your Traxxas batteries. The EZ-Peak Plus (TRA2970) recognizes Traxxas iD batteries and in an instant automatically configures and optimizes the charger settings. There's no need to be a battery expert or learn how to navigate complex menus. Just plug in a Traxxas iD battery and EZ-Peak Plus does all the work for you.


  • Type: LiPo 

  • Total Capacity: 7600 

  • Voltage: 7.4 

  • Continuous Discharge: 25C (190A) 

  • Max Burst Rate: 50C (380A) 

  • Watt Hours: 56.24 

  • Charge Rate: 1C (7.6A) 

  • Max Charge Rate: 2C (15.2A) 

  • Dimensions: 155x27x43mm 

  • Weight: 390g


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Traxxas Power Cell 2S 7.4v 7600mAh 25C LiPo Battery

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