Big Bang Hobbies was born from the curious look of a child towards small cars with a gasoline engine and what at that time I called "command" and that today I know it is a transmitter and that engine really worked with a fuel that today we call nitro.

Something that seemed like a toy, ended up becoming a passion that we shared with people from practically all over the world. From an occasional hobby we moved on to competition, to try to be as fast as possible, to test new wheels, new fuels and suspension adjustments... to then form a professional project that we complemented with other jobs and, finally, Big Bang Hobbies became, at last, our main occupation.

There are things that do not change and our obsession to have the best material and to do things well has persisted throughout this transition in which we went from mere amateurs, to one of the largest specialized radio control stores in the country.

But how have we done it? By working every day so that our values and know-how are totally transparent to our customers. A vast catalog with the best brands, exclusive products at competitive prices, deliveries in less than 24 hours throughout the country ... All this, passing through a pre and post sales service at the height of our customers.

Big Bang Hobbies is the store where we would have liked to buy when we started in the world of radio control!